Welcome to the neighborhood!

As our new neighbor, we know you may have some questions and we would like to help:

What are my association dues and when are they due?

They are $300, due each year by May 1st.

Where is the drop box?

The drop box is the black mailbox located at the front of the subdivision that is labeled drop box.

How do I get my pool key and what are the pool’s hours?

The pool is open 10 am-10 pm daily if inclement weather the pool may close early; this will also be posted on our Facebook & Next Door page. You may request a pool card by calling or emailing the board. Each household is issued 1 key card.

When are our association meetings and where?

Due to limited schedules we are currently only holding the required annual meeting. We do notify residents by hanging our sign at the front of the sub to notify residents as well as sending out a notice via U.S Mail.

What activities does our subdivision host?

Every summer we host a pool party. In the fall we try to offer a fall celebration for the children of VCCA. Please check our newsletter for other activities throughout the year.

How can I get a current copy of the Bylaws and Rules & Regulations?

You may view them on line or print them as well. If you do not have internet access, please let us know and we can provide them to you. 

How do I get a recycling bin?

Please contact the City of Belleville 734.697.9323 and let them know you are a new resident they will have one delivered to you. There has not been a charge for this in the past.

Also, the City of Belleville web portal has information about the community and city services. belleville.mi.us

Can I walk around the ponds?

Yes, the ponds are owned and maintained by the City of Belleville. There are some walking paths around them as well.

Am I responsible for yard work/snow removal?

Yes, even though we are recognized as a condominium association all homes must do their own maintenance and yard work/snow removal. Every year our board does “walk throughs” to ensure that our subdivision is being kept up properly. In the winter if a snow emergency has been declared please remove all vehicles from the street to prevent ticketing/towing.

We hope we have helped you answer some of the more frequently asked questions. For any other questions please contact us. Again welcome to the neighborhood!

Sincerely Your Board,